Special thanks goes out to our kickstarter sponsors!

In March of 2014, our supporters successfully raised enough money through Kickstarter to mix, master and manufacture our latest album, Another Thing. In fact, we were aiming to raise £3,500 but our supporters managed to get us £4440 so we made some T-shirts too! Anyone who was generous enough to donate £20 or more was promised a credit on the website so here they are. THANK YOU!!!

Aili, Alexia Harrison, Andie Melvin-Harris, Bex Gibson, Bruno Suhner, Chris Till, Dan Bernstein, Dan P, Deep Sea Bass Fish Ash Face, Deerhaunter, Gabbi Freemantle, Graham Carter, Greg Valter, Hanksy, Jem and Larkin delight, Jo O’Sullivan, Jo Young, John Guy, Josie C-T, Josie’s mum and dad, Kaylee-Ann Danger Surprise, Kit & Gordon, Lis Strutt, Liz Tunmer, Lyndsey Sambrooks-Wright, Manu Fruteau, Martha Lewis, Miles Mlambo, Nick Southon, Phoebe Ladenburg, Pia Miller-Jones, Pressman, Rachel Salisbury, Russell Strutt, Ruth Batala Portsmouth, Sara Barker, Steph ‘Party Mum’ Bonner, Sue Timpson, Susan Atkins, Tim Mackenzie-Smith, Tim McG, Tricia Kelly